сряда, 8 януари 2014 г.

I'm happy today

Hello again :)
Now I want to share with you a nice surprise for me!
I woke up this morning from the doorbell - it was the postman,  brought me another shipment from   BornPrettyStore  and now I want to show them to you :)

                                                 Stamping Nail Art Stamper with Scraper

I'm realy glad that they arrived, couse I'm new at stamping, but I think it's very cute and easy!

A little late for those one, but still..... :)

 It's a little late for this too..... :)

Well, that's it for today, I can't wait to try them :) These days I'll show you what I did with them :)
Hope to deal with the stamps  ;)

By the way, you can visit BornPrettyStore and choose something for yourself!
( I can't stop myself  haha )

There is a FREE SHIPPING and you can use this code VESELAMC10 for 10% discount!!!

I wish you a lovely evening!