петък, 15 август 2014 г.


Hello friends!

I know that I have not written here for a long time, but my job does not allowed. I traveled a lot during these months, I had access to Facebook and update it often, but I did not have time to write in my favorite blog.
I sincerely apologize for this and hope to make it up soon :)
So let's get started...
I want to show a collection on China Glaze in which I'm in love :)

I wasn’t terribly tempted by China Glaze’s spring sets which were pretty but were pastel shades close to polishes I already own.  But the summer ones called Off Shore?  Hubba hubba.  I’ll list them again, and show how the twelve colors are divided into two subsets, one cool tones and one warm.

Dune Our Thing, left to right:
  • Feel The Breeze
  • Float On
  • Dune Our Thing
  • X-Ta-Sea
  • I See The Point
  • Wait ‘n’ Sea
You can find it here China Glaze Summer 2014 Off Shore Dune Our Thing Collection 6 colors


Stoked to be Soaked, left to right:
  • Sea’s The Day
  • Stoked to be Soaked
  • If In Doubt, Surf It Out
  • Sun Upon My Skin
  • Shore Enuff
  • Be More Pacific 
You can find it here 
China Glaze Summer 2014 Off Shore collection "Stocked to be Soaked"

What do you think of the new colors?  Dune Our Thing MUST be mine!  I have a thing for raspberry pinks.  I also like the other two pinks, Feel the Breeze and Float On.  Don’t think the oranges would flatter my skin and the blue I Sea the Point is brighter than I want.  I like the red, the teal, and the purple too.

неделя, 9 март 2014 г.

Zipper Nails

Hello friends!
I have not written here for a long time but I was very busy these days.
But I have so many new things that I will show you :)
So here's the first one :)

This design is made entirely of blue acrylic paint.
The zippers are water decals from  BornPrettyStore
You can find them here  

I love working with decals because it is effectively and mostly because it is faster, which is very important for some customers!

I hope you like it :)
If you decide to buy these decals, remember that there is a 10% discount code VESELAMC10
And Free shipping Worldwide!

понеделник, 24 февруари 2014 г.

Continued: Edge nail Design

This is the second design that I want to show you today
 Edge nail Design

The model is built entirely of acrylic. 
The decoration is hand painted with acrylic paints on  black base. 
I also used nail polish Golden Rose ceramic 139  to do a little shade of purple of the French line.
On top above the nail polish is a few pieces of purple hexagon.

Finish with top gel!

Blue-green flower

Hello friends!
Today I have a few things for you!
I will show them in three separate publications.
The first design was made on UV gel.

The nail polish is Golden Rose RICH COLOR 19

The flowers are hand-made with acrylic paints.
Finish with top gel!

to be continued.......

сряда, 19 февруари 2014 г.

Water Marble Nail Art

Hi friends!
Today I will show you a design that I had not done a long time ago - Water Marble 

Actually I like the idea, but I just forgot about this method :)

I hope you will like it :)

вторник, 18 февруари 2014 г.

Lilac nails

Hello everybody!
Today I have something for you in purple!

Flowers are hand-made with one-stroke ​​technique.
Originally I thought to make this design on French manicure, but then I saw how beautiful is the purple color on the entire nail so I leave it that way :)

Finish with top coat!

събота, 15 февруари 2014 г.

Golden White Blue

Hello friends!
Today I am in a very good mood because outside all day was very sunny!
Now I drink my coffee and I'll show you something from today :)

Nail polishes which I used are 
Golden Rose RICH COLOR 06    and     Golden Rose JOLLY JEWELS 103

Golden Rose RICH COLOR 06                                                          Golden Rose JOLLY JEWELS 103


The flowers are hand painted with acrylic paints.
There is also blue hexagon in the middle of the flower.
Finish with Golden Rose top coat!

See you :)