петък, 31 януари 2014 г.

The Black butterfly Step by Step

Hello my dears!!!
Today I will show you a black French butterfly manicure step by step with all the materials you need :)
So let's get started....

After renewal of the gel I put on a light pink polish (I did this because I use UV Clear gel )

That is the water decals that I used for this decoration.
You can find them in BornPrettyStore 
Right here:

I used rose acrylic paint under butterfly, black acrylic paint for the French manicure on the other fingers and pink glitter to be more shiny!

With a thin brush I shaped pink French manicure on the ring finger, then put the butterfly!

After I did the black French manicure
I put glitter on the line and at the base of the nail.

Finish with top gel and Cuticle oil!

And that's it! 

So that's it from me for today!
I hope you enjoy it!

You can also make these butterflies - It is so easy :)
 And If you decide to take this lovely butterflies remember to use the code for 10% off  VESELAMC10
in BornPrettyStore!

I wish you a wonderful evening! :)

сряда, 29 януари 2014 г.

вторник, 28 януари 2014 г.

Different French

Hi friends :)
There is another french from today, it's a bit different but nice I thing :)
I did this to my friend today and she specifically asked me to be done just this way, I really do not know why but still I liked it. It's different :)

Tell me, what you think?

понеделник, 27 януари 2014 г.

Amazing giveaway

White friench

Hello friends!!!
Today I have for you two French manicures in white :)

Both are made with white nail polish and water decals from BornPrettyStore

You can see both tipes water decals here:

Don't forget there is a free international shipping!
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събота, 25 януари 2014 г.

Let it Snow....

Hello my dears :)
Today I will show you a little snow on the nails :)
Today is expected to snow in my town .... finally.... :)

I have mixed white and sky blue nail polish the for snow and white nail polish for the snowflakes.
Then I  put a litle bit white and blue glitter powder, so I meke them sparkling, just like snow :)
Finish with top gel and cuticle oil!

Snowflakes are made with stamps from BornPrettyStore 
and here you can see them Nail Art Stamp Template Cute Snowflake

You can olso get this stamps from BornPrettyStore

Use this code VESELAMC10 for 10% discount!!!

сряда, 22 януари 2014 г.

Gold flower

Here's something from me today... I liked the idea for Gold Flower
so there it is.... :)

The decoration is made with gold polish for base, black acrilyc paint for the contour and pink glitter for the stamen.
Finish with top coat!

вторник, 21 януари 2014 г.


Hello :)
These are another three of nail decorations that I showed you yesterday. This are only blue ones :)