неделя, 9 февруари 2014 г.

My new stuff

Hello :)
Today was a beautiful sunny day! I felt great! I hope your day was nice too :)
I am writing this post because I could not wait to tell you what I ordered today from BornPrettyStore ! Recently started using stamps and today I decided to order some beautiful ones and now I'm going to show you :)

The first one

It's nise! And here is something for example :)
I like this one so much :) I already have so many ideas for it!
And it is 0,99$ only :)

Now the second one!
And there is what you can do with it! 

This ribbon is so cute :)

This one I bought for 1.99 $

Here is the third one

This one I order because I love lace design so so much especially the third lace from top to down!

This one is 1,99$ too!

And the last one :)

Here are some ideas

Well this is it!
I hope that this post will be useful for you.

All products are ordered from BornPrettyStore

The shipping is FREE Worldwide

If you choose something you can use this code for 10% discount VESELAMC10